Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Our Invitations: “First comes love, then comes marriage..”

Back over HERE I talked about the idea for our invitations, based on the little sing-song rhyme from my childhood.

I knew I wanted to incorporate a couple sitting in a tree.
We wanted the invites to be unique, a little quirky and to have a casual feel. We wanted them to really set the tone for our relaxed wedding.

Luckily, we have a very talented friend (who also happened to be a groomsman), that offered to design our invitations for us.  In fact, he didn’t just offer to DESIGN, he offered to ILLUSTRATE!

I knew that working with friends could be tricky. And working with artists can be trickier. We had quite an idea of what we wanted, but then he is a creative soul with his own ideas. So we had to come up with something that made us both happy.  In the end, I think we did it! In fact, our invites make me really happy!

Here they are:
Here is the illustration which was the front of the invite. It is drawn entirely with lead pencil.
 If you cant see, it has writing on the branches:
"Adam and Jess sitting in a tree.. First comes love... Then comes marriage..."

All pieces together: Front with illustration, Back with details;  Information card; RSVP card;
Brown Kraft Paper Outer Envelope; Orange RSVP Envelope

This is the stamp we had made for stamping various places.
Putting the pieces together. See the stamp on the envelopes?

We tied the bundles up with twine..

And we attached little tags, on which we wrote people's names.
These tags only came in white... so I stained every one in coffee. I love the way they all look slightly imperfect.

Our guests loved our invites - we had so many compliments on them!!

I think part of what made them special is the casual vibe we tried to get across:
- we invited our guests to "Eat.. Drink.. Dance.. and Celebrate Love"
- our rsvp wording was  "yep, cant wait"or "nope cant come"
- we asked for 2 songs that would get each guest onto the dancefloor
And most of all, I think they really reflected us as a couple, and set the tone for the day!

I hope you like them...

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