Saturday, March 26, 2011

Alternative Wedding Cars - Our Kombi Van

I've just checked our photographer's blog - and spotted a pic from our wedding.  Hopefully this means our pro shot's aren't too far away!

The photo is of our wedding car, a fantastically restored 1960 Split Screen Kombi Van which we hired from from Kombis 4 U

Initially we weren't going to have wedding cars. My dad wanted to drive me to the wedding, just as he has driven me to every other major occasion over the course of my life. And the boys were just going to get a cab or something! 

When Adam spotted this Kombi one day at the beach though, he was sold! It is so very cool - and I love the buttery yellow colour of it!  I still went with dad as planned - but this was the transport for the boys! They loved it!!

I cant wait to see more pictures from our photographer, James Field!

If you are looking for an alternative to classic wedding cars in Adelaide, then why not try a Kombi Van!?


  1. Those are not the conventional bridal cars but just the same , those look totally regal and wedding perfect.

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