Monday, March 21, 2011

An oldie but a goodie.. Rustic LOVE at the ranch

There are some weddings that you look at and go "wow, that's pretty" or "nice ideas".. and then you move on. Then there are the weddings that stay with you, that inspire you, the ones that you refer back to over and over again. This wedding is one of the latter variety.
Ali & Ian got married at about the same time I got engaged. I was already planning my rustic garden party and I couldn't stop drooling over the perfection of theirs.

Maybe it is that their photographer (Tec Petaja) is super talented.

Or the fact that Ali is so damn gorgeous (almost makes me want to dye my hair red), plus seems like a super lovely girl going by her Weddingbee posts.

Maybe it's the pretty peachy colour scheme:

The perfect rustic venue.. (Devil's Thumb Ranch in Colarado)

Or the perfect, perfect wild flowers...

Or maybe it's the sweet-as-pie details:

...Whatever it is, it gives me true wedding envy. Even now, 18 months later, it is still right up there as one of my favourite rustic weddings. I hope it inspires another Rustic Bride out there too.

**All pics have come from Ali's own blog, but no doubt are the work of the talented Tec Petaja**

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