Saturday, March 19, 2011

My first (and only) Inspiration Board

Below is something I created not long after getting engaged. When i say 'created' I mean I whacked a few pics together in powerpoint at work one day. I guess it was my first inspiration board.. the first time I put all my ideas on one page and the colour scheme started to come about. And I never really bothered to create another one.
Part of the reason I never changed it is because if i added every new picture i fell in love with, then i'd be adding new pics every day!
And part of the reason is because my overall vision for our wedding stayed very close to this for the next 18 months. I still love these pics now!

I'm sorry, but i dont know the sources of most of these images anymore. 

One interesting fact: the venue at top left and bottom right is where the Rustic Garden Party eventually took place!

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