Saturday, March 19, 2011

My Barn Obsession

I don’t know when my barn obsession first began.

It probably stems from the fact that I do have a love of all things “old”. Architecturally, I love a lofty ceiling. In my own home, I love the 100 year old floor boards that look worn, weathered and probably like they need a good sand and polish(!!). I love antiques. I love the country. I love the warmth of natural wood, and the way that it contributes to that indoor/outdoor feel. 

Beyond the ‘oldness’ and architecture, to me Barn events offer a charm and atmosphere like no other. Weddings I have seen in barns look relaxed, unique, intimate. And to me they just don’t even compare to a carpeted function centre with steel (or worse - plastic!) chairs and heavy drapes.

Where I live, it was never going to be realistic for me to have an entirely outdoor wedding.. so since I needed a venue, what better spot than a barn? And so my hunt began..

Sigh... if only I lived in Texas.

Beautiful Barn photographed by Clayton Austin . See the super-cool wedding here 

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