Monday, April 4, 2011

Colour Schemes (and reactions to them)

I've just realised I haven't even shared the basic with you - our colour scheme!

I found picking a colour scheme for our wedding decidedly tricky! When I first started planning, I thought I would just go wild with colour and have bright orange, hot pink, turquoise, sunshine yellow - everything bright and colorful under the sun.
I've seen it pulled off, like over here where it looks amazing. But if I am honest, I didn't trust myself with it. I thought it could go either way.. marvellous - or just plain messy.

So I decided to pick one colour. Pink seemed too girly (since it's also my husband's wedding!), Blue had been done by a couple of my friends, yellow.. well actually i could have had yellow... But in the end I just decided on orange.

I soon discovered that people* don't really like orange. And they aren't afraid to tell you either! I saw screwed up faces. I got looks of horror. I had people tell me that I'd regret it. And I had people ask if I was trying to make my bridesmaids look bad (dont get me started on that.. I means seriously, who does that? It is the bride that has to keep the photos. It is the bride that people judge for any awful decisions/aesthetics. People know the BMs dont pick their dresses.. so if they look ugly, it is only a reflection on the bride. So why would anyone aim for ugliness??).
Anyway, I digress...

Here is around about what I picked.
Orange (real orange) + Coral (a prettier orange) + Creamy White + Light Grey.

But of course I couldn't totally abandon my love of colour. So there were accents. Many accents. 
- Greens, pinks and maroons in the flowers
- Browns in the form of wood and hessian
- Blues, Greens, Oranges and Browns in the form of bottles and vases
- Yellow in the Kombi Van

I'll get around to sharing it all soon.
FYI - I definitely don't regret it. And the bridesmaids looked beautiful.

*by 'people', i specifically mean jerks whose opinions you generally don't care about anyway!

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