Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Gimme some kinda sign girl!

Right, now that I’ve gotten your attention with a bit of Peter Andre..

I want to talk about signs. Wooden signs, hand-painted signs, blackboards, thank-you signs, directional signs, name tags, etc, etc. Don’t they seem to be taking over the wedding world?

I think it is because they make such a cool prop in photos.  
AND they are functional.. very handy if you get lost on the way to the ceremony, can't find the loo, momentarily forget who the bride & groom are... 
PLUS they are versatile: as demonstrated below, there are rustic ones, pretty ones, quirky ones, elegant ones, functional ones, etc. 

Top: Stacey Kane; Bragging Bags on etsy; Katie & Scottie
Bottom: Our hobby to your home  and Signs of vintage on etsy

Here is how I made some for our wedding (it’s not that hard… do you even need instructions?):

1. I found 2 x pieces of wood, relatively close in size. If you don’t have this lying around then just cut to size.
2. I started by writing what I wanted in chalk. This makes it easy to change if you need to. If you are fussy - or want elegant ones - you might need to create a stencil.. but i wanted rustic ones so I did it free-hand.
3. I quite liked the look with chalk, but was worried it would come off or smudge, so I painted over it with white paint and a thin brush.
4. I then grabbed a garden stake (buy them from a hardware store) to nail them to.
- At this point, I discovered I was using very hard wood that could not be nailed through. Uh-oh… had to call on husband to help out.
5. Husband drilled holes through my wood so that we could get the nails in.

The whole process took about an hour. And I made 3 of them.

TA-DA - here is a preview of how they looked on the day!

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