Saturday, March 19, 2011

The planning began..

I don’t know if this is common for other brides.. but my wedding planning began long before I became engaged! This isn’t to say that I was one of those girls that started planning my wedding as a kid. In fact, I REALLY wasn’t like that. Nope, my wedding planning (ahem..obsession..) began around about the time that some of my friends were getting married. I suddenly started taking notice of weddings, considering what I liked, what I didn’t... and while helping one friend in particular, I started filing away some pictures for myself. For the future. Just in case!

Here are some of those pics. They are still filed away in my computer in a folder called “vibe”. And that’s pretty much what they are, the beginning of the general idea and feel of the day.
  •  It always had to be relaxed, fun and a little quirky. Nothing too formal or stuffy.
  •  It had to have an indoor/outdoor feel (the more outdoor the better).
  • There had to be gorgeous hand-made details to satisfy my love of craft and all things beautiful.
  • To satisfy our guests, the drinks would need to be plentiful, and the music rocking.
  • It had to be heartfelt. Meaningful. And reflect us as a couple. (sounds like a no-brainer I know… but when I started taking notice, I recognized so many weddings that aren’t/don’t)
  • Oh.. and there was always going to colour. 

Turned out these pics came in handy. About a year later, I was engaged… and was finally able to share these pics without seeming like a total nutter!

They have been on file for a couple of years now so I’m sorry I don’t have sources for them. If you know where they came from, please tell me. If I am in trouble and have t remove them.. please tell me!

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