Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A secret plan

I have a secret to reveal.

I'm not just some crazy ex-bride that can't stop reminiscing about planning my wedding and searching for fresh wedding ideas.

I thought I should clear that up.

Nope, I am a crazy ex-bride that wants to make a future out of planning MORE weddings and CREATING fresh wedding ideas.
I adore it, I'm inspired by it and it's my dream to be able to do it as a job.

I'm pleased to say that this is not just a pipe dream. I'm on the way. I have a few events on the go already: baby showers, weddings, parties.
I'm collecting an assortment of unique props and decorating pieces... and I'm developing a little portfolio. 
As soon as I nail my business name and logo, I'll start promoting myself as 'hired help'.

That's where I become torn as to whether to continue this blog (which was originally about my own wedding), or whether to start a new one, with a new name, where I can blog about some of my current projects and inspiration beyond the 'rustic' theme.
What do you think? Stick with the old or start with the new? Maintain both? I'm not sure yet.
But I am excited at prospects for the future.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Wedding Cardigans

Well, it is almost Spring! Which means wedding season is nearly here again!
Unfortunately it is still chilly in Adelaide.. while the days are sunny, the winter chill is lurking around as soon as you get into some shade. And nights are downright cold! In fact, I think the chill often hangs around for most of Spring!

If I was a Spring bride, I'd want to be prepared for the chill. I'd wear a cardigan.

It's quite surprising that this look can look either elegant, glamorous, quirky, whimsical, casual, etc... depending on how you rock it.
And what a fun way to add some colour.

Cameron Ingalls

Braedon Photography via
Look - they got married in a barn - woot woot!!

via Once Wed
via Style Me Pretty

via OnceWed
This whole wedding is gorgeous. Clock through, I dare you!
Keira Knightly via Fashion Bride
via Bridalwave

I got married in February. It's usually the hottest month of Summer. The day before our wedding was 30+ degrees and humid...Then my wedding day was cold! AND it drizzled! I totally could have worn a cardi like one of these!

So Spring Brides: Have I made you hope you get a cold wedding day?!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Pinterest steals my heart

Dear Readers, I'm sorry. I have been MIA. And it's not even just that I have been busy... Or not on the computer... Or not looking at Rustic Weddings anymore.

Nope. I've been cheating on my blog.

With Pinterest.

Pinterest is addictive!! How has it taken me so long to jump on board!??
For anyone that doesn't know, pinterest is like an online virtual pinboard (or 17 in my case) that allows you to "pin"  pictures from anywhere on the net, to your own board.
It also allows you to browse other people's boards and "repin" their stuff.

Not only does it save the picture, but the source as well. Do you realise how often I have saved pics to my hard drive and then never been able to find them on the internet again?? So often! And now that I have found pinterest, this shall never happen again.

It really is the best way to collect photos for your wedding.  Or wardrobe. Or house. Or anything else!!!

Since this is the Rustic Garden Party Blog, below are some of the rustic images I have pinned recently. Mainly floral - and all sources are stated when you click through:

Oh and If you would like to follow me on pinterest, then please do. I'm over here.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Our Photobooth

You would think that after 6 months, I would have shared all of my wedding details/photos by now. But there's more... Here are some pics from our home-made photo-booth.

Photo-booths are done quite a bit these days, particularly in the blogging world. Luckily for us though, nobody at our wedding had seen it done before. So it was still a novelty and oh-so-much FUN!
I'm really glad we did this. We have some fabulous photos as a result!
Here is just a sample:


We hung a backdrop and provided some props for people to use (funny glasses, moustaches on sticks, frames and blackboards for people to write messages on). As you can see, they also ended up also finding their own props on the night!

Our photographer set up a camera on a tripod with a remote control - and a TV so people could see what they were taking. At the end of the wedding, he uploaded all 500 photos to his website for us.

It was a huge success! It was packed all night. And after the wedding, we gave everyone a photo of themselves with their thank you cards!

Love is in the air! (another wedding coming)

I'm so excited. My sister got engaged on the weekend!!!

She has already asked me to be her one and only bridesmaid. Yay!

And she has already told me I am going to have to plan her wedding for her.. because she is not into the whole wedding thing... and I totally am! Double Yay!!

I already have ideas for her.. will share them with you soon! (Must add her wedding will be anything BUT rustic!).

Monday, August 1, 2011

More Adelaide Venues - Rustic (Part 6)

A couple more to add to the archive of great little rustic venues in SA.

Howard Vineyards

The first thing I noticed about Howard Vineyard (in the Adelaide Hills) is this lovely oak tree, which makes such a picturesque ceremony spot:

Then I saw the stone walls and the word 'barn' and I went "oooh.. it's another special one!"
I would like to have lunch here one day.

Paxton Vineyards

If you're reading this blog, you surely know my favourite kind of venue by now. Here's another to fit the bill:
Indoor/Outdoor- check!
Old / heritage - check!
Sandstone - check!
Ceremony & reception in one place - check!
Scenic - check!

Paxton is at McLaren Vale, amid the vines and not far from the sea.
It's one that I contacted not long after we got engaged.

They use external caterers, (so you could perhaps bring your favourite chef) but you purchase wine from the winery (which shouldn't be a problem as it is a decent drop!)

For the rest of the list, go back here