Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter Feasting... and cakes of cheese

Happy Belated Easter!!!
Sorry for my lack of blogging of late, I went away for Easter for a lovely break down at Robe, SA. We had a fantastic time with friends, lazing around in the sunshine, sipping on champagne and generally just stuffing ourselves with food!
While Easter normally revolves around chocolate, for us it was more about cheese. I love-love-love cheese. I don't think there was much of the trip when there wasn't a cheese platter in front of us. Divine, creamy, oozy french cheese, yummy (subtle) blue cheese with Maggie Beer's quince paste, Jarlsberg, Cheddar.. did I mention I love cheese?

Anyway, "what does cheese have to do with a wedding blog" I hear you ask. Lots.
When I started planning the Rustic Garden Party, I didn't want a wedding cake. I didn't see the point, actually. I never eat cake at weddings (i'm always off dancing and drinking!) And the whole cutting of the cake moment always seemed a little pointless to me at weddings.
(As an aside.. do you know where cake cutting originated from? I read somewhere that it started when grooms used to smash bread over the bride's head! This was to mark his dominance over her.. and I also once read something really gross about it being a symbol of him breaking her hymen. Gross. 
I've since heard it was about the couple's first "task" as a married couple. Meh - cake cutting = not much of a task really. Anyway... I'm getting off-topic).
What I did want was a "Cake of Cheese" - which had just started to pop up all over the web. I have no problem with cutting cheese:

YUM!! YUM YUM YUM! What could be better for a cheese loving couple like us???
Well, alas... my cheese cake dream never eventuated. It turned out that our venue serves cheese platters instead of dessert (apparently dessert gets thrown away). So the cheese was already taken care of. Bummer. We missed out on this little idea.
To anyone out there reading this: YOU should have a cake of cheese!

Oh -for the record, we had a Croquembouche at our wedding so that there'd be something sweet for people. And we didn't cut it. It wasn't cheese... but it was the best 'cake' I've ever eaten!!!

^If you are looking for one of these in Adelaide, try Heidelberg Cakes. You won't be disappointed!

I hope your Easter was great (and filled with cheese) too!


  1. Hi Jessica - can you possibly tell me where you found that first photo? i'd love to recreate that cake and find out what cheeses are in it!

  2. Hi there! I normally reference all my pics, but am afraid I must have pulled this one out of my C drive.
    I'll try find it for you again and will report back.
    If you took this pic to a local market, I'm sure they could recommend the cheeses.. it looks to me like (from top) Ash Chevre, Brie, Blue.. then I'm not sure about the bottom 2. Perhaps a cheddar?