Wednesday, May 25, 2011

More from deep within the wedding archives..

I promised when I started this blog that I would share some of my favourite pics from the (rustic) weddings that inspired me while I was planning. There hasn't been enough of that yet - so here is one of those weddings... from deep within the planning vault. Is it just me or does this sound like a commercial radio station playing 80s music? "And now.. from deep within the audio vaults, here's another classic from John Farnham". Anyway...

This wedding was brought to my attention by West Aussie Wedding whose author was (a) one of my favourite sources of inspiration while planning and (b) a beloved "voguette".
She posted it in August 2009, precisely one month before I got engaged, so it's an early one! In fact, I spot one of the pics in that first ever inspiration board.

What's to Love??  By golly... what's not?
  • The glassware... beloved glassware that was important to me from the beginning!
  • It's got that lovely, homely inside-outside vibe that I've talked about. Like, it's in the bush yet it just looks so cozy, welcoming. The lights, The furniture, The rugs on the floor = LOVE!
  • Those colours. It manages to strike a balance between brights and neutrals. There is plenty of colour, but it is warm. This is surely due to the bushland setting and native flowers. The colours pop without taking over. 
  • It's a great AUSSIE example of rustic. It's not America. It's not a barn. It is true blue Aussie charm at it's best.

These photos originally came from here  but I notice they have been removed now, so I hope that Sue-Lynn, the photographer, doesn't mind me re-posting after a couple of years!

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