Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Hens day with class

I've been MIA again. I know. But over the weekend I headed up to QLD (or was it Northern NSW?) for my friend's Hens Day. I had the best time!!

This friend is getting married in one month (exactly one month today in fact!) in the Cook Islands. I would have loved to attend her wedding, but due to a lack of annual leave and of funds, we had to decline. I am so jealous that I am going to miss out on the sun, fun, romance and awesome party that I know it will be. BUT so it often happens with destination weddings...
The good news is that because I knew I was missing the wedding, I made sure to get up there to celebrate the Hens Day instead!!

It was a ladylike hen's day! Everybody was instructed to dress like "ladies" and we all got a bus to a gorgeous place called House of Gabriel on the Tweed River. It was the sweetest venue where we settled in for delicious High Tea. The food was scrummy, the setting spectacular and the company a blast.
The pretty little House of Gabriel
The starring 'ladies'
Settling in for High Tea - they decorated beautifully for us
The peaceful setting
More High Tea, in full force now
The sun that set in front of us
This Hens Day involved no strippers, no topless waiters, no tackiness. Who needs these when you have great champagne, yummy food and lovely girlfriends?

We played one game, whereby those who broke the rules and were not 'ladylike'enough, had to suffer the consequences and look like men (donning a disgusting old racing jacket and gloves) until they caught someone else breaking the rules! Hilarious. And enough fun without interfering with the day as games so often can.

I will admit the night got decidedly less-ladylike after High Tea was over and the sun went down. But I wont share the photos of that! Let's dwell on the ladylike loveliness instead!

It was a fantastic day. Congrats to my beautiful bestie (MOH and sister of the bride), Kristy, for organising it. And congratulations to the stunning bride-to-be Shelley. I hope the wedding is just as beautiful and just as much fun as the weekend! I know it will be.

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