Sunday, June 19, 2011

No Confetti, please

Lots of venues these days don't allow confetti. It makes a mess, it's a hassle to clean up and it stains if it gets wet. In fact, some venues even ban rose petals.

But there is something festive and fun about that explosion of colour and fanfare at the end of a ceremony that rose petals and confetti create. Maybe it is the child in me that remembers running up to shower the bride in colour?

Here are some alternatives if your venue wont allow confetti or rose petals:

"Woo" "Yay" "Hooray" flags

I love the idea of the whole crowd waving these madly as the bride and groom descend down the aisle. 

- Easy to make and to tailor to suit your colour scheme or theme:

Planet Mithi

Ribbon Wands
Ditto what I said about the flags.
Great colours, easy to make, no clean-up required.

Bird Seed - in cute packaging:
Bird seed from Orchard & Brown
I'm sure we've all been to a wedding with bubbles.. not unique, but still a suitable and fun option:

Colourful. Fun. Festive. ... BUT I wouldn't want to have to make 100 of these!

Any other ideas? What did you use? 

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