Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A secret plan

I have a secret to reveal.

I'm not just some crazy ex-bride that can't stop reminiscing about planning my wedding and searching for fresh wedding ideas.

I thought I should clear that up.

Nope, I am a crazy ex-bride that wants to make a future out of planning MORE weddings and CREATING fresh wedding ideas.
I adore it, I'm inspired by it and it's my dream to be able to do it as a job.

I'm pleased to say that this is not just a pipe dream. I'm on the way. I have a few events on the go already: baby showers, weddings, parties.
I'm collecting an assortment of unique props and decorating pieces... and I'm developing a little portfolio. 
As soon as I nail my business name and logo, I'll start promoting myself as 'hired help'.

That's where I become torn as to whether to continue this blog (which was originally about my own wedding), or whether to start a new one, with a new name, where I can blog about some of my current projects and inspiration beyond the 'rustic' theme.
What do you think? Stick with the old or start with the new? Maintain both? I'm not sure yet.
But I am excited at prospects for the future.


  1. Perhaps your business name could be 'The Rustic Garden Party' Events by Jessica.
    Just a thought?

  2. .. i forgot to say. This would then relate to all events - weddings, parties, baby showers... you could keep the blog too.

  3. I agree with anonymous.. you could keep this blog too!

  4. Thanks girls. I do like the idea of keeping this blog.. and it all being an extension of my own plans.
    That seems like a long name though, I need something a little punchier! :-)

  5. or 'rustic parties'