Friday, August 26, 2011

Pinterest steals my heart

Dear Readers, I'm sorry. I have been MIA. And it's not even just that I have been busy... Or not on the computer... Or not looking at Rustic Weddings anymore.

Nope. I've been cheating on my blog.

With Pinterest.

Pinterest is addictive!! How has it taken me so long to jump on board!??
For anyone that doesn't know, pinterest is like an online virtual pinboard (or 17 in my case) that allows you to "pin"  pictures from anywhere on the net, to your own board.
It also allows you to browse other people's boards and "repin" their stuff.

Not only does it save the picture, but the source as well. Do you realise how often I have saved pics to my hard drive and then never been able to find them on the internet again?? So often! And now that I have found pinterest, this shall never happen again.

It really is the best way to collect photos for your wedding.  Or wardrobe. Or house. Or anything else!!!

Since this is the Rustic Garden Party Blog, below are some of the rustic images I have pinned recently. Mainly floral - and all sources are stated when you click through:

Oh and If you would like to follow me on pinterest, then please do. I'm over here.

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