Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy New Year!

Hi there

Just popping past to say Happy New Year!!
I know I said I'd still maintain this blog, but I haven't really been, so if you're looking for me then please head over here to my new blog:
Styling, Hiring & Inspiring
Lots has been going on with the new little business.

  • We have a new logo (see above)
  • We're getting plenty of enquiries flowing in, mainly from facebook or from readers of this blog (thanks guys!)
  • We've booked a super-fun wedding for February next year in a theme I've always loved and wanted to do. 
  • We're exhibiting at The Eclective in February
  • We just did a lovely Christmas photo shoot and are meeting some great industry people for future collaborations.

Exciting times ahead in 2012!!

I hope you all have a brilliant NYE.  May 2012 bring you much happiness and joy. And if you're planning your wedding for 2012, then enjoy every minute!

Jess xo

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