Friday, September 9, 2011

Our wedding is on the internet!!

Yes, you read right: our wedding is on the internet!
Ok so you're probably reading this going "yeah so? you blog about your wedding on the internet".
Actually.. it's better than that. Our wedding is on Style Me Pretty!!

Somehow I missed it. It has been there for 2 weeks without me knowing!! I was out for drinks and dinner tonight and my friend said that someone sent her the link!

Go here to read it and see some pics you haven't seen:

How exciting! I always thought about submitting my wedding to a blog.. but wasn't sure whether or not to, whether it was blog-worthy enough, whether I'd be embarrassed once it went up (weird i know!)..

Now it's great to see my pictures up on one of my favorite blogs.. I love Style Me Pretty. It was a constant source of inspiration for me while I was engaged. Ok, who am i kidding? It is STILL a source of inspiration!
And speaking of which, SMP now has a special 'local' section especially for Australian weddings.. which means vendors and venues that we can access here. Yay, three cheers for accessibility!

And just quietly.. what kind of wedding planner would I be if I wasn't featured on any blogs? It's another step in the right direction for my future plans!


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